Fall Volleyball PSTE


Fall Registration 2024 will OPEN for Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie & Medicine Hat in July 2024!

Position Specific Training of Excellence (PSTE) - Fall 2024

This program caters to the female athlete’s individual need to increase the level of her Volleyball IQ and match performance. This is guaranteed to make a you a better school players immediately and will exceptionally prepare you for club like no other camp.

The athletes will spend 45 minutes to one hour position specific training with her designated coach on court. For the next 30 minutes they will combine with setters and hone timing skills in attacking, blocking and other team related skill situations as well as work on team and tactical skills and apply them potentially in a six on six situations. At the start of the session there will be a lot of emphasize on individual repetition vs game play. These sessions are geared at individual improvement and hard working athletes to take their game to the next level. Team play is not a priority in these sessions.

For more information on what we will be teaching in each of the individual skill sessions and tactical session go to the menu on the right hand side and click on position specific interest.

PSTE - Position Specific Training of Excellence volleyball camp

PSTE – (6-1 player/coach ratio)

We offer 3 positions for our PSTE Camps session this fall:

1. Setter
2. Outside Hitter / Libero / DS (defensive specialist)
3. Middle Blocker

We are only offering 6 spots for athletes (setters, outside hitters/liberos & middle blockers) in each position and guaranteeing a 6-1 player coach ration. Each group of 6 athletes together with their coach will have their own court.

Who is this for?: female student athlete from grade 8 to grade 11.
Coach/Player Ratio: 6-1
Cost: $ 525.-

Position Specific Training – Setter

volleyball PSTESetters are the brains, central nervous system, leaders and the tacticians of the team. Having a strong setter can make the foundation for a great Team. It is our goal to train the individual and essential setter skills, advanced setting skills if athletes are ready as well as the setter/hitter relationship for middle blockers and outside hitters.

We will approximately focus 30-45 minutes or more on individual skills such as:


  • Finger position on ball
  • Contact and release point of ball in relation to the body
  • Proper body position (always being neutral)
  • Footwork at the net
  • Footwork coming of the net & proper squaring-up techniques
  • Jump setting
  • Second ball attack – variations
  • We will teach proper location for sets – (Location, Location, Location!!!)
  • Immediate video feedback via “Coaches Eye”


We will approximately focus 30 – 45 minutes on skills such as:


  • How to set your Middle Blockers and Outside Hitters
  • Setter/Libero relationship – how to work together
  • Tactical concepts for setters (Front Row vs Back Row)
  • Strategy for beginning and advanced setters
  • Defensive transition
  • Freeball & downball transitions (Front Row & Back Row)
  • Blocking schemes & responsibilities
  • How to communicate with and motivate your hitters
  • Setting against the flow
  • Immediate video feedback via “Coaches Eye”
Position Specific Training - Middle Blocker

volleyball PSTEOne of the most difficult positions to play well and correct, but also one of the most rewarding in the game. Good middle blockers are what a team revolves around on offence (scoring and holding the other middle blockers to create one on ones) and defence (blocking).

As part of PSTE we will cover and teach or solidify the following:


  • Proper footwork, movement, body & proper arm positions
  • Transition footwork when coming of the net – 2 step vs. 3 step
  • Proper footwork for static and swing blocking
  • Communication with your setter
  • Reading your opponent (Setter, other attackers, key on your middle blocker)
  • Attacking options – 53, 51, 31, 61, slide
  • Triangle relationship – MB, Libero and Setter
  • Setting the second ball situation
  • Serving
  • Serve and play “Defence”
  • Immediate video feedback via “Coaches Eye”
Position Specific Training - Outside Hitter / Libero / DS
Today’s outside hitter has the most dominant role in the game. It is imperative as outside hitter to have a complete skill set in front row and back row. Coaches at post secondary institutions look to recruit a six-rotation outside hitter…meaning as outside hitter you need to be able to do it all(serve receive, defense and be able to score in the front & back row). As part of PSTE we will cover and teach or solidify the following:
  • Serve Receive reps – proper platform & passing angles
  • Passing float & spin serve
  • Defensive position & stance
  • Defensive stance – reading with and without a block
  • Attacking form left side & right side includes – footwork, proper movement, body & proper arm positions
  • Attacking from the back row
  • Attack transition in front row & back row – from defense to offence from serve receive to attack(swing hitting)
  • Attacking options from left side, right side and back row – roll shots, tipping, line shots, cross courts shots, wipe off shots variations
  • Immediate video feedback via “Coaches Eye”


volleyball PSTE    volleyball PSTE



Libero and DS (defensive specialist) specific skills we will focus on are:
  • Serve receive – platform, angles, passing midline & outside body, anticipation of flight path of ball, passing float vs. spin serve
  • Defensive reading around the Block(single, double, closed or seem) recognition of attacker and her arm swing
  • Setting second ball situation (from the back room and the front row)


volleyball PSTE    volleyball PSTE

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