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Calgary Private Volleyball Lessons For Men & Women, U-12 and older

Private volleyball lessons are perfect for players trying to get the most out of the game of volleyball. Whether you are a beginner, junior high, high school, club, college or university player, individual attention will allow you to achieve your goals faster than any other method of training. Private volleyball lessons are also the most efficient way to iron out any bad habits in technique that have accrued over the years. Carsten Stanjeck has developed a unique approach of teaching that consistently delivers results, proves very reliable and allows the player/s to achieve their full potential.

Please find below what is in store for you, the player, via the four Stages model.

Stage One
I motivate through goal accomplishment and positive feedback while pressing the importance of technique, ball control, efficient movement and high repetitions. I will spotlight your individual basic skills. I will break down, as well as correct your individual technical skills while preparing and explaining to you what the individual roles are in the big picture.

Stage Two
I establish what type of learner you are. Are you a “doer”, “thinker”, “feeler”, “visual learner” or “trial & error” style of learner. I make an assessment and then adjust my method of training to suit your style. I focus on the skills that require most attention.

Stage Three

I create and customize your training to fit your individual skills, needs and wants. I break down fundamentals as needed to make the game simple and easy to understand, allowing you to be as effective as possible in your development.

Stage Four
I train your muscle memory one step at a time until that fundamental, body movement or skill becomes fluid. During this process I keep you aware of the game situations that you are practicing in order to keep everything relative and concentrated. At this stage I will also consider videotaping some of the workouts to allow you to view your improvements and techniques frame by frame.

For more information about private volleyball lessons please contact Carsten Stanjeck. You can also find information on the fees for private volleyball lessons as well as the curriculum

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