Private Volleyball Lessons


Below are some of the testimonials HITT Volleyball and Carsten Stanjeck have received following private volleyball lessons:

“Carsten, We really appreciate so much & everything you have done to mentor Lauren. Your unique and gifted ability in how you motivate and inspire has made all the difference, not just with volleyball, but also more importantly in the big game of life…”
— Terry Lauer – Mother of U16 Club player

“Not only does Carsten have an in depth understanding of volleyball, he is a great motivator and able to get me to believe in myself and achieve the results I am looking for.”
— Lauren Korte – U16 Club player

“My daughter had the great opportunity to have 1 on 1 private volleyball lessons with Carsten over a period of time to get her ready for club tryouts last year. It was the best confidence booster, skills and trust sessions she has had in all the years of camps and private lessons. The truly amazing thing I was witness to was the way Carsten analyzed her from all angles on the court and told her exactly what she was doing wrong in her body position. Carsten would simply move around her, look, tell her in a way and she could utilize it and it was done. In all the other private volleyball lessons my daughter has taken, I have never seen anything like it, she understood what was needed and she was able to produce results in minutes, it was amazing!

If any of you want to give your daughter or son that extra boost I highly recommend giving Carsten a try, you and your child will not be disappointed. We will never go anywhere else because my daughter trusts Carsten to help her out and together they have fun doing it.”
— Linda Brown – Mother of U16 Club player

“Carsten, The private volleyball lessons that you provided my daughter is exactly what she needed as an aspiring young volleyball athlete. The one-on-one sessions were very intense, yet my daughter enjoyed them and looked forward to each upcoming session. Her skill level improved tremendously which in turn made her confidence soar! As a result of the coaching you provided, she made the senior team of her Junior High School. Playing as a middle, she was clearly one of the better players on her team and at one of the Edmonton tournaments was awarded the tournament MVP. Private coaching was a great investment in her growth and development as a volleyball athlete. Thank you!”
–Michael Williams – Father of U14 player

“Carsten brings an unsurpassed level of enthusiasm, passion and knowledge to the art of teaching volleyball. It’s a wonderful thing to watch your child work hard with someone like Carsten, and see that they are both smiling during and after the sessions.”
–Roxanne Behrman – Mother of U16 & U18 club players

“Training with Carsten has been intense, rewarding and a lot of fun! He supports and encourages me and makes me feel like I can do anything. Carsten is ‘ Da Bomb!”
–Pascale Behrman – U16 club player

“Training with Carsten has dramatically sharpened my skills and supported my love for the game of volleyball. Carsten pushes you to perform at your best, and the results are amazing!”
— Cloe Behrman – U18 Club Player

“My daughter has greatly enjoyed her one on one sessions with Carsten. He has helped her to break down certain aspects of her game so that they could work together on getting it right as a matter of routine. Inspiring confidence through technical knowledge; Carsten brings excitement to the game. In fact it was a HITT camp that introduced her to club volleyball to begin with.”
–Christine O’Grady – Mother of U14 club player

“Carsten makes me confident in not only my volleyball skills, but also, in myself as a person, player and student.”
–Ashley Heavenor – U16 club player

“We want to compliment Carsten on the excellent encouragement and coaching which he has provided for our daughters. The individual experiences and skill-sets the girls have gained through his coaching is second to none. Great job Carsten!!”
— Tracy & Derrick McGougan – Parents of U14 & U16 players

“Carsten has coached our U-15 athlete with energy and enthusiasm, demonstrating comprehensive technical knowledge. What was especially important for our athlete this year was Carsten’s understanding of the power of the athlete’s mind in achieving goals. He inspires her and is helping her train her mind to be confident. We highly recommend Carsten’s coaching for whatever need your athlete may have.”
— Karen and Bob Kacso, Cochrane, AB

“The coaching that Carsten provides is excellent. He is very encouraging and my improvement was amazing!”
— Lauren McGougan – U16 player

“As a mother, I am extremely pleased with the level of KNOWLEDGE and ENTHUSIASM Carsten has shown my daughter through their 1 on 1 private lessons! He was able to break down each technique he was showing her which helped her to be able to better visualize and execute the skills being taught. My daughter loves his ENERGY and ENCOURAGEMENT and looks forward to future lessons with him!”
— Juanita Mathes – Mother of U15 player

“Carsten, Thank-you for the one on one lesson with me. I was really struggling with my hitting and working with you truly helped me improve. I love the amount of energy and enthusiasm you have towards teaching every skill, and that helped me want to learn and improve so much more.”
— McKinley Mathes – U15 player

“Carsten, I would just like to say that I have always been a consistent player, but after working with you just one time I am hitting better than I have all season. Thank you so much”
— Lizzie Willis – U16 club player

“Carsten…Your one-on-one coaching style is high energy, motivational and loaded with positive reinforcement. The technical skills you teach allow your students to directly apply their honed skills in game situations. Much appreciated.”
— Jamie Wills – Mother of U16 player