Mission Statement​

About HITT Volleyball


“To be the leader in volleyball educational volleyball camps in North America by enhancing the abilities of our athletes and consistently exceeding the expectations of our participants.”

We aspire to teach the sport of volleyball better than anyone else.

We intend to create an environment of excellence, high energy and genuine enthusiasm.

We will deliver an environment of high performance and high impact with long lasting effects on the student athlete.

We engage coaching staff who are superior educators, outstanding leaders, with exceptional volleyball knowledge that act with the highest level of integrity.

It is our intent to develop leadership and character as well cultivate the importance of scholarship amongst our student athletes.H.I.T.T. Volleyball commits itself to provide the latest techniques in vertical training, sports nutrition, sports psychology and volleyball skill development.

We desire to prepare athletes toward a life of physical, mental and emotional excellence.

We commit to an environment of personalized learning, whereby each student athlete can develop at his/her level and with the time frame they require.

We devote ourselves to our volleyball camps and products so they become known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail.

We commit to creating a truly unique experience for each student athlete during the time at our camps.