About HITT Volleyball


HITT Volleyball Camps are designed to provide a camp experience that is long lasting, has high impact on the individual and is delivered in a manner that provides each student athlete with maximum learning. By providing exceptional instruction in a fun filled, high energy and disciplined setting, we enhance positive attitudes toward the game of volleyball.

It is our intention to foster the individual student athlete’s confidence and passion for the sport. We believe that hard work and self-discipline are necessary components for student athletes to reach their best performance. Therefore, we provide a focused, intense curriculum designed to discourage comparison and instead promote self-correction and personal pride.

During each of our volleyball camps we will emphasize the 5 core values of sports and life:


Servant Leadership
We believe that “Life is Teamwork” and with that comes the responsibility of cultivating relationships. We encourage athletes to examine and focus on their relationships with others (friends, family & teammates). We plan to teach our student athletes the importance of servant leadership. These are leaders who make those around them better. In this context we will stress the importance of communication, patience, tolerance, composure, empathy and compassion. We will focus on a team first attitude.

The development of respect is created via the growth of consistent work habits. One of the most important life lessons athletes can learn from sport participation is the ability to work. An athlete, who can learn to focus and perform the physical and mental work necessary to be successful, can carry it over into the classroom and eventually into his/her profession. Good work habits are begun with initiative, reinforced by success and build true confidence based on preparation. An athlete demonstrates respect by understanding and modeling true confidence. True confidence should not ever be confused with arrogance, bragging, self-centeredness or boisterous behavior.

This concept is largely based on accountability and discipline. Accountability is taking ownership for whatever happens to you. Accountability builds trust between teammates, which can create reliability. Reliability is developed from daily work habits. An atmosphere of trust is created due to players keeping promises and working hard.

For a true athlete discipline is not a punishment but rather a positive statement about himself/herself that he/she can do what is best for the team. Discipline is simply focused attention and effort. Being disciplined will result in more productive practices and purposeful coaching. It will also facilitate the “athlete’s brand” which can classify him/her as reliable, trustworthy and coachable. One of the first things that identify a disciplined athlete is his/her teachable spirit. The mature athlete has learned to take correction as a compliment.


It is a simple concept, and for the person of integrity life may not be easier, but it is simpler. It is not always easy to do what is ethically correct! The athlete demonstrates actions that follow his/her words and beliefs. Yes means yes and their no means no. Athletes of integrity say what they mean and follow the exact path. The athlete’s word is good, the handshake confirms the deal and his/her signature is worth something.

For an athlete of character sportsmanship is defined as a positive affirmation, being disciplined enough to have perspective, maintain poise and do what is best for his/her teammates. Sportsmanship is a choice. We will identify situations and opportunities for all the athletes to understand, learn and cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship.