IMPORTANT: Please read the COVID-19 Individual Facility Policy & Procedure


COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

In case of a provincial or government health order shut down prior to a camp starting the refund procedure will include the following fees: A $10.00 CDN HITT Volleyball Admin fee plus if using credit card via PayPal a 6% fee of total registration amount (6% of the initial and total registration amount including tax) and if using e-transfer the HITT admin fee of $10.00 plus a $10.00 banking business transaction fee for a total of $20.00 CDN.

In case of a provincial or government shut down after a camp has started, HITT Volleyball reserves the right to refund customers on a prorated basis and via a coupon for future usage only and after covering all of HITT Volleyball’s expenses for the camp/s in question.

General Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds for any of our programs after June 1, 2022. A refund may be considered in the following circumstances. In the case of an injury, a refund may be considered if the camp is filled to capacity and another athlete from the wait-list can replace the injured athlete. The other option is for the camper in question to fill the spot by her/himself. If a camp is listed with a waitlist, it does not always guarantee that there will be people on the list or that the spot can automatically be filled, as with time people make other arrangements. All requests must be submitted in writing via email and in case of injury must be accompanied by a certified physicians letter/note.

All cancellations and subsequent refunds are subject to an administration fee of $95.00 CDN from HITT Volleyball plus additional charges incurred to HITT Volleyball from PayPal (6% of the initial and total registration amount including tax). Example: Registration cost $350 .- plus GST($17.50) equals $367.50 CDN dollars minus 6% is $22.05.- equals $345.45.- minus $95.00 equals $250.45 CDN of a total refund.

For customers with e-transfer payments, these will also be refunded via e-transfer and the following charges will apply: The HITT Volleyball administration fee of $95.00 CDN plus a $10.00 CDN banking business transaction fee for a total of $105.00 CDN.

All Individual Facility COVID-19 Protocols

All Individual Volleyball COVID-19 Facility Policy & Procedure for Summer & Fall 2022: 

Due to the large number of facilities used by HITT Volleyball and the always-changing COVID-19 entry requirements to these facilities across the provinces, it is the responsibility of the participants and/or parents/guardians of the participants to be informed about the requirements for entry to the facility/facilities in which they have registered for a camp. HITT Volleyball will not be responsible for the changing facility requirements regarding COVID-19 policies as we are renters of these facilities ourselves. There will be no refunds issued from HITT Volleyball based on facilities changing their COVID-19 entry requirements after your camp registration has been completed.