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About HITT Volleyball

Our volleyball curriculum concentrates on individual volleyball skills. HITT Volleyball camp instructors teach the volleyball skills at our volleyball camps, depending each individual’s skill level and ability:

Forearm Passing – grip, proper body position and movement, tracking the ball, footwork, squaring up, accurate serve receive (spin & float), downball passing (front row & back row), shoulder dropping & side/outside body passing

Overhand Setting – hand & finger position, location of hand in relation to forehead, body position, footwork, squaring up, jump setting, bad ball setting, serve receive as option, location for ball.

Hitting/Attacking – approach patterns & acceleration, hand/arm & body actions, different shots (tips, rolls, corner, cross-body, cutting, wipe-off (side of arm, push & throw, high of hands)), seeing the block and reading the attacker


Blocking – hand position, body position, footwork, closing techniques, reading (eye sequences), anticipate set selection

Serving – effective tossing & stance, rhythm & routines, standing (various techniques), zone/spot serving (float-short, medium & deep), jump serving (float & top-spin), serving mentalities & strategies

Defense – ready position, split step, movement, diving & rolling (shoulder & log), digging (foreman & overhead), j-stroke, read & react, net recovery, digging the tip


HITT is further committed to delivering High Impact Technical Training for team specific volleyball skills, once again depending on the ability of the participants:

  • forearm passing (front/back court, downball, freeball, serve receive, outside body)
  • overhand passing (front/back court, downball, freeball, serve receive)
  • hitting/attacking (basic/advanced techniques, shot making, all positions front & back court)
  • blocking (single, double and triple, closing & timing, vs. front & back court attack)
  • serving (basic techniques, standing & jump float/spin, strategy)
  • defense (basic/advanced techniques, front/back court, read & react, variety of sytems)
  • recovery skills (at the net, front/back court, attack coverage)
  • transition skills (defense to offence)
  • strategies in areas such as serving, blocking, attacking and setting