Fall Volleyball Club PREP


Registration for our 2024 Fall Volleyball Club PREP Camps will OPEN September 15, 2024!

Fall Club Prep Volleyball Camps this year in:

We are Club NEUTRAL and provide a safe place to Learn & Fail….escape the open Gym Syndrome! Fall volleyball camps for GIRLS & BOYS!!!

HITT Volleyball – “Get Ready for Club Season”!

Over the last 14 Fall Seasons HITT Club Prep Camps had an exceptional success rate. This means generally 2-3 out of 4 players attending HITT camps successfully made a club team for the 2010 – 2023 club season. Out of 9000 + Student athletes attending more than 6100 + successfully made club teams all over Alberta. We are proud of our coaches and the hard work our participants put forth…come on out and make the 2024 club season a success for you…come take one of our prep camps and get ready while having lots of FUN!

Master Volleyball Coaches from all over Canada/USA will provide high impact expert technical training to help you get ready for club volleyball season, which starts at the end of November 2023 for U12 – U18 female and male student athletes. These weekend camps are packed with technical learning and direction to help you in your quest to make a club volleyball team. We are looking for hard working players who want to get better, take advantage of high-level techniques and are ready to have fun!

H.I.T.T. Volleyball Camps provide results! You become a better player while having tons of FUN!

These weekend volleyball camps, set in premier training facilities, will be an outstanding experience! Here’s why:

  • Exceptional coaching
  • Small student athlete/coach ratio
  • Outstanding technical development and correction for all volleyball skills
  • Mental, emotional & physical self-management strategies
  • Hints and strategies on how to make your club try-outs your best possible experience
  • One on one opportunity to target areas of growth

Fall Club PREP

Each volleyball camp at the U15-U18 level will target advanced skills in areas such as attacking, blocking, defence, passing and serving (jump serving). At the U12-U14 level we will focus on basic skills and introduce advanced skills in areas such as movement, setting, passing, serving and attacking skills. This camp is not an average skills camp. It requires passion, discipline, desire, a high level of work ethic and a willingness to change in order to develop new and advanced techniques.

Prior to purchasing any camp, please ensure you have reviewed our Cancellation Policies.