Calgary – “NEW” – School PREP Camp – U12 & U13 Boys & Girls (Going into Grade 7 & 8 only) – August 26-28, 2024 – 9am-12noon


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This camp will focus on predominantly team play opportunity. Three 3-hour sessions in the morning at the Junior Varsity Centre with professional coaches who will put you through 1 hour of individual skills and then 2 hours of team drills. The main drive of this camp is to get you ready for School try-outs! It will mainly focus on playing and teamwork as well as some key individual skills. This volleyball camp does not replace a regular 4, 5 or 6 day HITT camp, but will get you ready to try out! The age group for this camp will be going into grade 7 & 8 only)

What: School PREP Camp

When: August 26-28, 2024

Time: 9am – 12 noon

For: U12 & U13 Boys & Girls (going into grade 7 & 8 only)

City: Calgary, Alberta

Location: Junior Varsity Centre

Cost: $250