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WIC 2-Day Camp - For WIC Students ONLY - Grades 10-12 - August 29 & 30, 2022


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This WIC (West Island College) Camp is for WIC Students only!

This camp will focus on predominantly on getting the senior level student athletes ready to compete and try out for the school team. Four 2.5 hour sessions at West Island college with professional coaches who will prepare you via  individual skills and then team drills. The main drive of this camp is to get you ready for School try-outs! It will focus on key individual skills, combination drills, transition skills as well as playing and teamwork. This volleyball camp does not replace a regular 4, 5 or 6 day HITT camp, but will get you ready to try out! The age group for this camp will be U15 & U17 or grade 10 to 12. Participants in this camp have a higher level of volleyball experience.

What: WIC 1.5-Day Senior High Camp

When: August 29 & 30 , 2022 each day from 9-11:30 am & 1-3:30 pm

For: WIC Students only – Senior High Boys & Girls – Grade 10-12

City: Calgary, Alberta

Location: West Island College

Cost: $200