Fall Volleyball Club PREP


Expert volleyball coaches deliver and facilitate all of our volleyball camps and clinics.

This year’s Fall Volleyball Camp and PREP coaches are:

Diane Johnson - HITT Volleyball Coach
Diane Johnson
Darren Perizzolo - HITT Volleyball Coach
Darren Perizzolo
Steve Carston
Patrick McFeely
Fallon Middlemiss
Jay Olmsted - HITT Volleyball Coach
Jay Olmstead
Diane Scott
Allan Yucoco
Grande Prairie
Martin Noskey
Martin Noskey
Jesse Lofstrom
Chad Thomson
Lauren Hale-Miller
Lauren Hale-Miller
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Tommy Lyon
Mackenzie Allen
Dave Wildman
Dave Wildman
Medicine Hat
Tim Bloomfield
Benj Heinrichs
Wes King-Hunter
Mackenzie Allen
Red Deer
Jeff Anderson - HITT Volleyball Coach
Jeff Anderson
Andrew Reed
Greg Ryan